Aluminiumwerk Unna is located in the heart of Unna. On an area of around 1,075,000 square feet , the entire value chain takes place directly at our plant – from the aluminum smelting to the final heat-treated and cut semi-finished products. This certainly saves many detours.

In recent years, our site in Unna has been steadily expanded. New production halls and high-quality facilities have been added.

Take a look around our factory premises and discover our in-house foundry. Here, high-quality aluminium round bars are cast in many different alloys. On the way through our premises you will also find the extrusion plant and the drawing plant. In addition to many other production areas, our offices are also located on the factory premises. To ensure that the transport of our products runs smoothly, our aluminium plant also has an in house dispatch station.

Here we ensure that the semi-finished aluminium products are optimally protected during the entire transport way. For overseas freight, for instance, wooden crates are loaded straight into containers provided. Without any further reloading steps, the goods are delivered straight to our customer’s premises.

Did you know that no less than around 180 trucks leave the aluminium plant each month? Packed full of our products, they are sent off to you.