Aluminiumwerk Unna is your specialist for aluminum tubes. We manufacture these at our site in Unna using our extrusion presses in two different processes: seamless extrusion or porthole extrusion. You can easily distinguish between the two manufacturing processes. In seamless extrusion, the mandrel for the inner contour of the tube is fixed in the extrusion die. In porthole extrusion, the mandrel is fixed to the die by means of support brackets.

The manufacturing process we use depends on both the alloy and the application. For example, aluminum tubes made from an alloy that is difficult to extrude can only be produced using the seamless extrusion process.

Many standards and specifications require a subsequent cold drawing of the tubes. Find all the relevant specifications for extruded and drawn aluminum tubes here.

Do you require short fixed lengths rather than long manufacturing sizes? No problem. At our integrated cutting plant, we are able to cut short fixed lengths from our profiles. Most of the tubes in our range of dimensions can be surface finished. We achieve the desired quality of both the outer and inner surfaces through grinding or honing processes.

Watch the video below to see how we manufacture aluminum tubes for a shock absorber:

The production of an aluminium tube