Let’s do it!

A few months ago an idea went through the press, where Swiss climate researchers of the ETH Zurich for once did not talk about flight bans, photovoltaic plants and restrictions for humans and industry, but instead spread the knowledge that trees and forests are able to store large amounts of CO2 – and that in the long term for many generations.

This year, the German Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein is hosting the celebration of the 29th anniversary of German Unity. In the process, the idea of unity digging was developed. Each person plants a tree. Every year on German Unity Day.

As Aluminiumwerk Unna AG, we are joining this campaign and this year planting a tree on our own land for each of our employees. There are already large green areas in our company where trees, shrubs and meadow plants feel at home.
The first planting campaign took place on September 12. A total of almost 70 trees were planted in the grounds, and will be personally looked after by the respective tree sponsor in the coming years.

We encourage our employees and all our stakeholders to do the same and make this country greener. For us, it’s even a win-win-win situation. Noise and dust from the neighbouring roads and railway lines are also reduced or filtered in addition to the pure contribution of CO2 savings.

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